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Joely Ball

Prey Spiderweb Patchwork cushion

Prey Spiderweb Patchwork cushion

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Like delicate lace,
So the threads intertwine,
Oh, gossamer web
Of wond'rous design!
Such beauty and grace
Wild nature produces...
Ughh, look at the spider
Suck out that bug's juices!
-Bill Watterson

 Hand sewn and one of a kind, this luxurious patchwork cushion features a fly delightfully unaware that there is a spider approaching across the network of delicate spiderwebs.

The front is made of hexagon pieces which have been sewn together by hand. It has then been piped in black satin and finished with a supremely soft velvet back.


Made in England, this cushion measures 18" and comes complete with a luxury deep fill pad which is manufactured in the UK.

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